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Should having an updated digital presence matter to your agency?

Plain and simple, the more active your business is online, the more it will benefit your website traffic and presence. Your methods of attracting and retaining potential customers will need to adapt as the communication of insurance continues to change online.

Lack of updates or inactivity altogether can negatively impact your business development efforts, as many people prefer to look into what they need online – “81 percent of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online,” says Oberlo.

But that’s not all; they also share that “more than half (51 percent) [of small businesses] say that they have increased the interactions they have with their clients over the internet [since the pandemic].”

Naturally, having an up-to-date website for your agency is essential, but there are other ways you can support it.

Local search

Are you at the top of the search results in your area? If you’re not ranking higher, you’re limiting how many potential and local customers are finding you.

You may already know that your Google My Business page functions well in curating reviews and putting you on Google Maps, boosting your relevancy in finding new business. However, regular updates are just as vital.

Like social media, the more often you post – by sharing events, business updates, new deals/offerings, etc. – the more you can gain from the ranking system.

Since Google+ is no longer available, your Google My Business page is about as close as you can get to having your business benefit from Google like a social media service.

Social media accounts

Creating business profiles and linking them to your main site improves your credibility online and search engines will have more to reference when crawling your site. “No matter where you stand, there’s no denying the connection between SEO and social media when it comes to increasing your brand’s visibility in search engines,” says Sprout Social.

Again, this is another key area where frequency and content quality contribute to getting found more often. In this way, you may be competing with others in your market on digital updates.

By improving your digital presence with frequent updates, especially with other methods like search advertising, you’ll be in great shape to get in front of new business as you stay connected with current clients.

It all adds up

In the U.S., the insurance industry has been growing and changing (since around 1752, in fact).

For some of us, the stark shift to the web has completely altered not only how we look at customer acquisition, but also how we perceive an agency’s image and even the hiring process.

The good news? You still have plenty of time to take advantage of the changing digital landscape with some relevant updates.

Not sure where to start with boosting your ranking? Connect with us on adding to your Local SEO.

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