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What can I do to update my M1 site?

We recommend making sure, at minimum, the following key sections are formatted to support your SEO:

About Me

If you haven't already done so, consider filling your About Me based on your history-to-date with your agency. This section should be contextual in how you convey what you do/how you serve others.

Answering some of these questions might give you a good idea of what to put, such as:

Your Agency's Background:

  • How long has your office been open?

  • Are you licensed in more than one state?

  • What geographic area(s) does your office work with primarily?

  • The normal products you sell and work with or which ones you specialize in

At Your Office:

  • How would you describe your team? (i.e., outgoing, friendly, driven, etc.)

  • How would you describe your office environment?

  • Do you work with customers who speak different languages?

  • What kind of service do you provide your clients and prospects? How do you support them?

Your Background or Bio (Educational/pre-agency, etc.):

  • Did you graduate from a post-secondary school? If so, where? What did you study most or what were your areas of focus?

  • What do you like about being an agent (in general, or within your city/town)? How do your interests translate to what you do?

  • Other personal info you feel might be relevant to your role and helping others, and/or what you feel comfortable sharing (hobbies, family, pets, etc.)


  • Additional offerings you'd like to highlight

  • How you prefer to be reached for questions, services, and more

Mix and match the About Me sections as you edit or create to suit your needs.

We'd suggest that of these pieces, your agency's background info should always go first to help customers quickly identify the product(s) they need in their area.

Our Mission

Having the option of readily pointing to your Mission and what you do best can support both your search results and set expectations for potential clients.

This is another place to add your location/service area, but you can also answer:

  • What are your agency's values or goals? (Non-sales related)

  • What is your promise to your clients? What is something they can expect when they communicate with you each time?

Our Team

Regarding team bios, they can be like your own: agency experience, language speaking, other relevant agency terms, what they specialize in helping clients with, etc.

If your team is comfortable sharing more personal info like where they're from, hobbies/interests, that looks great as well.

Using team member headshots helps but aren't essential if you don't have any on hand.

More Tips

  • Naturally use as many keywords as possible in a sentence format throughout.

  • Using generic, pre-templated information on your page may hinder visibility and ranking

  • Avoid keyword stuffing – the method of chaining frequently searched terms together to gain visibility

  • Google developers say keyword stuffing "results in a negative user experience, and can harm your site's ranking."

  • An example would be filling out any or all sections by listing terms, like: "renters insurance, life insurance, auto insurance," without any other context about you or your agency.

  • Keyword stuffing would not apply to the column under your photo for "Insurance Products", etc.

Updating your M1's cover photo can also make a difference.

Two solid ideas:

  • Using a pre-loaded (or other commercial free-to-use) photo of your city's skyline

  • A team photo taken at your office (pre-COVID, etc.).

Have more than one office?

Differentiate your M1s by switching up a few phrases to keep them from looking the same, aside from the address.

Social presence:

Linking your agency's Facebook page, Instagram, Yelp, Google My Business, etc. helps populate your page with its live feed function. As you may have guessed, this supports your search ranking as well.

The more you interact and share, the more keywords and content you have to be indexed and viewed.

Frequency and recent activity often equal relevancy in the eyes of social media platforms and Google.

What can we do for you at Direct Clicks Inc.?

Listen: Continue to get to know you, your agency, and your market's needs.

Engage: Use online marketing to support you with campaigns that focus on website leads, inbound calls, and Local SEO.

Optimize: Develop your campaigns even further to get stronger results as time goes on.



The information provided on this guide does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal or business advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.

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