The Direct Clicks Experience

Walkthrough and Q&A

The first step is confidence - We will set up a conference call to show agents exactly what we do. We are different because of our transparency and active management.  During our conference call, we will show you successful agent accounts in a similar market size.  You will see firsthand what that agent is paying per click, phone call, and search keyword. 



Direct Clicks Inc. works with agents exclusively in their city. We do not work with other agents who are within a 5-mile radius of our clients. The 5-mile radius allows us to focus on each agent's community and generate more leads to that specific agent. When our clients live in more rural areas of the country, we allow a 15-mile radius of exclusivity to allow more traction to their office.


Direct Clicks Inc. was created by an insurance agent in Oakdale, Minnesota. Matt Jonza knows exactly what it takes to be a successful agent. His hobby of creating his own Google Ads campaigns has turned into a business where he serves hundreds of clients in every state of the country. He has a team that is here to support you and your needs with online marketing.


Direct Clicks Inc. continuously works on getting the lowest cost-per-click and best return on investment for its clients. We meet with our clients once a month to review their account and make sure we are optimizing their inbound phone calls and exclusive online leads. Our promise is to always provide transparent tracking so you can invest in your agency confidently. We do it simply better.