Insurance Lead Generation Through Online Marketing Campaigns.



We drive raw new business to insurance agents office with inbound calls and exclusive local leads for each agent. Since we specialize in only paid search, our results are far superior to other options in the marketplace.  We optimize each agents account on a bi-weekly basis to maximize ROI. Join our list of successful growing agencies across the nation.



There are multiple campaign options which allow agents to decide which types of leads they want coming into their office. There are options for inbound phone calls and strictly online leads. We are successful in both English and Spanish. Together we will help you decide which campaign options are best for you and your market. 



Direct Clicks Inc. was founded by Matt Jonza, who is an insurance agent in Woodbury, MN. He has grown this company through word of mouth since 2017. Currently, we help over two hundred insurance agents in 48 different states. We have two full time employees who take care of account setups and management efforts.

“Direct Clicks Inc. has the advantage of seeing what actually works for insurance agents and caring enough to make even the smallest tweaks to get the best result.  There is a huge difference between the broad stroke efforts offer by other programs and the “dialed-in” approach that Matt and his team offer.”

—  Andy Hedlund, New Hope, MN

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Matt Jonza is a Chairman's Circle Agent out of Woodbury, MN.  If his agency has one area of expertise, it’s definitely raw new auto growth.  Since 2017, Matt and his Direct Clicks Inc. Team have been helping agents create effective and targeted pay per click campaigns.   

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