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Lost and Found: Making the Most of Lead Source Tracking

Ever wondered if you’re keeping track of ALL the leads you worked so hard to generate in your agency?

Not to worry – we’ve put together this short guide to help cross-check your sources.

For lead verification, there are three main areas of focus:

  • ECRM Tracking

  • Production Manager Tracking (FIND YOUR LOST LEADS!)

  • Sales ROI Tracking

While we consider Sales ROI Tracking to be the most vital, it should come last in the process to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. Utilize ECRM and Production Manager beforehand to make sure no leads are falling through the cracks.

ECRM tracking:

ECRM is great for managing both prospects and clients throughout their lifecycle with your agency, but the Analytics Studio is only as useful as the data you put into it! Does everyone on your team fill out the Opportunity Source the same way for your Google Call Only leads? If they don’t, it is nearly impossible to track how many leads you are getting and if the conversion rate is as strong as you’d like.

Here is how to fill out “Google” ECRM opportunities:

Google Call In = Marketing Source → Paid Search

Team members will often leave the Marketing Source blank when someone calls in – it’s part of the excitement of having someone on the phone who wants a quote! If your team is missing “Paid Search” in their opportunities, or they are inconsistent in their reporting, the data will get lumped in with other in-book opportunities.

In other words, it’s very important that everyone on your team sets up opportunities the same way!

Production Manager tracking:

Did you know that each month roughly 10% of your leads get stuck and never make it to your sales team? We’ve found that checking Production Manager is the best way for tracking your website based (AKA lead volume.

Get into the habit of checking Production Manager daily, OR at the bare minimum, weekly. YOU WILL FIND LEADS that did not make it into ECRM as an opportunity.

There are two searches used to find all of the leads within Production Manager:

#1: Auto & Life Leads

Open Production Manager > Leave Product Line as “All” > Choose Created by “INT” > Search > This shows all auto and life leads

Note: To verify that leads made it into ECRM, sort by the date that they were received, and then search ECRM by name to make sure there is an opportunity being worked on. If not, create one and sell it.

#2: Fire Leads

Open Production Manager > Leave Created By as “ALL” > Switch Product Line to Fire > Search > Sort Results by Alias (i.e., look for anything that has INT in it).

Note: You will have to manually count Fire leads. Again, make sure all leads made it into the ECRM.

Sales ROI tracking:

Last, but certainly not least, is Sales ROI tracking. Your team lists each policy sold and each respective lead source. We recommend making lead sourcing mandatory before paying commission on a policy.

There are several, easy ways to keep these lists organized, such as: Microsoft Excel, on a large whiteboard, or by using third-party tools.

Some examples of the third-party tools out there include:

Again, this is hands-down THE most important category to track ROI and analyze the results as an overall benchmark for agency health/success. You now have the hard numbers you need to determine if you broke even or made money on each marketing source for the month.

Finally, our Marketing ROI tool will show you which marketing sources are most profitable for your agency, making your annual planning a breeze. Be sure to get in touch with Direct Clicks Inc. with your other agency lead generation or tracking questions.

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